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October 16th, 2010 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, it’s half past October, there’s a half moon in the sea blue sky and I am half inclined to wax poetic.

Beneath my window the palette of autumn is in full blossom. Swirls of amber, burnt orange and pastel yellow sweep through the trees while the pines reach deep within to wear their deepest forest green.

Warm, tranquil days grow ever shorter dissolving into cool, electric evenings that grasp with firm but not yet acrimonious intent.

Summer is a recent memory – distant enough to wistfully mourn but not yet packed away and forgotten. Contemplations of the winter lockdown have not yet intruded upon our psyche.

We have crossed the threshold of Thanksgiving but are wont to rest awhile in that frame of mind. The fruits of the harvest are still fresh in our hands and lingering in our senses.

The gray and faceless chill of November is but a fortnight away. But we shall not give it credence while October holds us in its fragile embrace.

Now is a time to linger in the fragrance of the moment. A time to slow down our hurly burly lives and permit ourselves to wander without purpose save to indulge our fancy.

There will be time, there will be time, to cloak ourselves in reticence and forbearance. To huddle inward from the harsh winds, the barren trees and the hard edge of discontent.

For now let us stroll in the gaudy pageant of October, drink in what remains of the season of thanksgiving and be content to simply be where we are.

Let the half moon be our cradle and our metaphor. This is our time to be willfully and wonderfully in between and to glory in the sweetest of the seasons.

For there will be time… there will be time.

~ Michael Robert Dyet is the author of “Until the Deep Water Stills – An Internet-enhanced Novel” – double winner in the Reader Views Literary Awards 2009. Visit Michael’s website at or the novel online companion at

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