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Random Act of Metaphor: Pirouetting Dust Particles in October Sunlight

October 21st, 2012 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, if we had the acuity to see that even microscopic flecks of dust tumble in respectful relation to each other, would we try harder to reach harmony with our fellow man?

I was at a Board retreat today discussing and planning the coming years at our church. It was an inspirational group of people sharing their vision for the future. In the midst of this discussion, one of those in-the-right-place, at-the right-time moments occurred.

The sun reached the perfect height in the sky to send a shaft of light through the upper window and across the room. I had exactly the right angle to see dust particles spinning and whirling, twisting and twirling in the delicate frame of light.

It reminded me that there is often much more than meets the eye in any given circumstance in our lives. We think we see the whole picture and that we have the definitive answer. But, in truth, all we have is the particular and limited perspective of that moment.

I was engaged in the discussion and only allowed myself a few seconds to observe the pirouetting particles. But even in that brief glimpse, it seemed to me that there was an exquisite harmony in their movement. They were not just random specks of matter tumbling through space. They were reacting to one another and to a rhythm from some greater being.

The exquisite dance of dust particles in a wash of October sunlight – a random act of metaphor to remind me that there is rhythm in all things and that there are few treasures more precious than perfect harmony.

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