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Random Act of Metaphor: Full Moon Riding the Zenith of an October Night Sky

October 19th, 2013 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, if I worship autumn solely for its exuberance, would my soul be satisfied?

Autumn in October is an untamed exuberance of colours that rise to a fevered climax before gracefully fading into pastel shades. Splashes of scarlet and electric crimson, speckles of burning gold, waves of earthy goldenrod and apple green and pumpkin orange.

An endless palette and the ability to mix and match the myriad hues at will. It always seems determined to burn itself down to the end of the candle wick before surrendering its hold.

But there is also splendour of a different class in a mid October night sky. When day is done and darkness falls, comes the full moon suspended in a placid sky on invisible strands of starlight and filtered through wispy clouds of angel garland.

I love the bold parade of autumn colours that hold court from sunrise to sundown. But there is something quietly mystical in the October night sky that speaks to my soul at a deeper level.

The full moon riding the zenith of a serene October night sky – a random act of metaphor to remind me that the soul has many faces all of which are hallowed and to be prized.

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