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Random Act of Metaphor: Battleship Cloudbank on the Southern Horizon

November 28th, 2014 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, is victory in life measured in the hand of might or in the virtue of second sight?

We all have them these days. Those rollercoaster, batten down the hatches weeks when all you really want is to get to Friday evening with your sanity intact. A weekend snowstorm sounds like just the ticket because it means you have an excuse not to step out the door.

And so, you head to work on Friday morning wondering what bullets you will have to dodge today. Ahead of you on the southern horizon you see a battleship gray cloudbank. Not wispy, drifting and shifting clouds. A solid, unbroken bank of ominous, imposing clouds hugging the skyline. Think the invading alien spaceship in the movie Independence Day.

Perhaps, you think, the universe is giving you a message: Turn around, go back home and burn up a sick day. But then you see what at first escaped your notice. There is texture and dimension in the cloudbank. Subtle layers and sculpted edges that show the hand of an unseen and benevolent artist. Secrets like within it that are worth enduring to discover.

A battleship cloudbank on the southern horizon – a random act of metaphor to remind us that the battles we wage are more often won by second sight and patient discernment than by matching raw strength with imposing might.

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