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Through the Eyes of a Child: My Frankie-inspired Christmas Wish

December 23rd, 2016 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, can we recapture the true spirit of Christmas by seeing through the eyes of a child?

Apple believes we can and they may just be right. Their current television commercial, a classic take on the season, is compelling. A Frankenstein-like man trudges through the city streets and approaches a crowd. Gasps and murmurs rise from the people when they see him.

Frankie proceeds to plug a Christmas light into each side of his neck. The lights illuminate. Frankie then calls up There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays on his iPhone and begins to sing. But his voice fades as the crowd continues to stare at him with hostile expressions.

The tide turns when a young girl cracks a smile and sings the next line. Frankie starts singing again and others in the crowd join in as their revulsion turns to acceptance. The true spirit of the season finds its way into their hearts and minds.

Apple’s commercial got me thinking about what my Christmas wish would be this year. It is not anything as grand as world peace, an end to poverty or the overthrow of terrorism. It involves three comparatively small but transformational behaviours. All of them should be a natural reflex. But they are behaviours we have managed to unlearn.

Part One: The Gift of Willing Forbearance.

We live in a world with myriad ideologies that all too often conflict with one another. The proponents of each one are wedded to their belief system and willingly draw battle lines to defend it. Part One of my Christmas Wish is that all of us find it within ourselves to give gift of willing forbearance – agree to politely disagree where our beliefs conflict and do so peacefully.

Part Two: The Gift of Heartfelt Forgiveness.

Every day each and every one of us makes mistakes or misjudgements. These missteps cause us to hurt the people around us without intending to do so. Part Two of my Christmas Wish is that each of us gives the gift of heartfelt forgiveness when we are the wounded party. Be merciful and chose to believe in the best in each other rather than assume the worst.

Part Three: The Gift of Gracious Pardon

Occasionally, each and every one of us, under conditions of stress or duress, lets the worst of ourself rise to the surface. We lash out, cross the line in the sand of polite behaviour and instantly, but a heartbeat too late, regret it.

Part Three of my Christmas Wish is that when we are on the receiving end of this harm, we give the gift of gracious pardon. By all means, hold the offender accountable for their behaviour. But then pardon them as we hope they will do when the roles are reversed as they inevitably will be.

Apple has cast Frankie as a metaphor for the true spirit of Christmas. There is a lesson for us in the fact that it takes a child to see past his frightening appearance to the warm heart that lies within him. This Christmas, let us pause, refocus and see through the eyes of a child. For when we do so, we find our own true hearts where the best of us lays waiting to be revealed.

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