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Pausing to Honour the Hand of the Creator At Work

June 30th, 2017 by Michael Dyet

Hobomok Skippers

Hmmm, if I let my imagination roam, what might I see that otherwise escapes my gaze?

Rain, rain and more rain. This seems to be the weather theme for 2017. It is a frustrating trend for everyone, but particularly for those of us who choose to spend their prized leisure time communing with nature.

I am on the first of two weeks of vacation. Groan. The plan was to be outdoors as much as possible hiking my favourite trails through meadows, woodlands and marshes chasing butterflies and dragonflies. Groan. So far I have been granted one rain free day and the next few days do not look much better. Groan.

In an attempt to raise my water-logged spirits, I am perusing the photographs I took on that one good weather day and taking whatever pleasure I can in them.

The photograph at the top of this post is of two Hobomok Skippers. FYI: Skippers are a distinct class of butterflies most of which are quite tiny and often perch in the diagnostic jet-wing position of the one on the left.

I wish I could tell you that Hobomoks are rare and that this was an exciting find. But the truth is they are very common. I see them pretty much every time I am out in the late spring and early summer regardless of where I am hiking.

So why bother to feature them in this post?

Hobomoks are about an inch long. I was very fortunate to get this quality photograph of two of them – with my digital point and shoot camera – showing both the outer wing and inner wing patterns. I have attempted dozens of photographs of this skipper species over many summers, but only this once was able to be so successful.

As I study the photograph, I realize I can distinguish the veins and whiskered edges of the broad leaf the skippers are perched on. I can also make out the muted colours on the skippers’ heads, the feathery hairs on their spindly legs and even the checkered pattern on their antennae.

If I let my imagination roam, I can also believe that the cupped leaf they are perched on is a graceful hand extended for the express purpose of playing host to them. And what if, just maybe, it is also the personification of the hand of the God who created and watches over them?

I search endlessly for subtle metaphors in nature. But in that search I too often overlook the simplest and most elegant of them. Perhaps the Creator sent these Hobomoks my way to remind me that the joys I take in nature should always be about the quality of the moments and never about the quantity.

However the weather plays out for the balance of my vacation, I will be thankful that I pushed the pause button long enough to recognize and honour this one moment of grace.

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