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Random Act of Metaphor: A Graceful Sedge Grasshopper in a Jungle of Meadow Greenery

February 3rd, 2018 by Michael Dyet


Hmmm, is a virtual glance back to 2011 the best cure for the February blues?

I am hunkered down to ride out a frosty, February winter weekend. Instinctively, my thoughts turn to the creatures of resplendent summers past. I slip away on a metaphorical magic carpet to the summer of 2011 in the embrace of Mother Nature.

My summer preoccupations, as you may know, are winged wonders. I will concede that Grasshoppers are a stretch in this regard. But they do in fact have wings and are capable of short flights.

Viewed up close, grasshoppers look very much like a prehistoric throwback. This Graceful Sedge Grasshopper most certainly does so.

But as the name suggests, this particular species is quite an elegant creature in the wet shrub meadows, lake edges and sedge marshes it inhabits. Marvellously camouflaged for the jungle of greenery in which it resides and possessed of ambidextrous limbs to nimbly navigate the grasses and weeds it calls home.

Sidebar: I have perused this photo many times. But only this time around did I notice the tiny ant on the leaf above the grasshopper’s head. It gives a dramatic sense of scale to the photo and hints at the dozens of other tiny creatures that no doubt inhabit the meadow unseen to most of us. The grasshopper looks by comparison rather like King Kong climbing a skyscraper.

It is not just a glimpse ahead to summer that draws me to this seven year old photo. After a week wrestling with temperamental technology, which insists evolving faster than I can adjust, multi-tasking until my head spins and weathering a non-stop hailstorm of e-mails, I crave simplicity.

It soothes my soul to admire a species which has managed to survive 300 million years on earth by simply doing what it was created to do.

A Graceful Sedge Grasshopper perched in a jungle of meadow greenery – a random act of metaphor to remind me that it is often the simple things in life which endure and which deserve our true admiration.

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