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Finding a Glimmer of Perspective on a Bad Luck Weekend

April 14th, 2018 by Michael Dyet

Freezing Rain

Hmmm, a little perspective goes a long way when life is taking pot shots at us.

I am staring out the window at the freezing rain which is belying the fact that it is officially Spring. We are halfway through April and Spring has only made one of two very brief appearances. It is the very definition of frustration for an avid birdwatcher. Not that I would have done much even with good weather as my temperamental back is in a bad mood.

I know I should not turn to the online headlines to lighten my mood. But against better judgement I do and the result seems to align with the weather.

U.S., British and French forces strike Syria with 100 missiles. Surprise, surprise, President Donald Trump says mission accomplished.

Mum’s Gruesome Discovery after She Left Kids with Family Nanny. No thank you, I would rather not know about that discovery.

Nazi Legacy Found in Norwegian Trees. My fertile mind could go a dozen different ways, if I let it, speculating on that tidbit.

Highway to Hell: The Worst Traffic Jams in History. I have been in at least one of those. I do not need a reminder.

Ottawa Man Catches Fire after Smoking Near Oxygen. Well, that definitely is a worse weekend than I am having.

Kim Held Khloe’s Legs During Birth. Oh hell! I should have stopped at the burning man. I did not need to hear the latest fake news about the publicity hungry Kardashians.

So what does one do when life thwarts our desires? Cursing Fortuna, the Greek God of fortune and the personification of luck, brings a certain satisfaction, but only briefly. No liquor in the house, so no means of drowning my frustrations.

But here is a thought. My bad back weekend coincides with a bad weather weekend. There is a kind of upside-down luck there. It would have been more frustrating to be sidelined and staring out at a glorious, made to order spring day.

It really does come down to a question of perspective. I can curse Fortuna for picking on me. Or I can thank her for getting two bad luck birds with one stone.

Spring will eventually arrive and my back will come around after a few chiro treatments. And the Kardashians? This too shall pass. They will eventually grow old, their plastic surgery enhanced faces will age, the news headlines will pass them by and, if there is justice, they will all be plagued by bad backs.

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