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Hunting Muskie Preview: Inside the Mind of Huck Fryman

June 2nd, 2018 by Michael Dyet

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Special post: A glimpse into the mind of Huck Fryman – protagonist in the story Incorrigible in Hunting Muskie: Rites of Passage. The story itself is narrated in the third person perspective. But here we’ll let Huck speak for himself as the story begins.

Goddamn, worn out hip. Hurts like hell all the time now. They’ve been telling me for years that I need a hip replacement. Not going to happen. You’ll never get me inside one of those godforsaken hospitals. I got by for 80 years and then some with this hip. It’ll do me until they plant me in the ground.

 Can’t for the life of me remember what I came out to the barn to get. My memory ain’t worth a pinch of coon shit, these days. It comes and goes on its own damn schedule. Even forgot that I kept my fence pliers in the hollow fencepost back when I was still working the farm. The boys thought it was flat out stupid. But I always knew where to find them.

 Goddamn shed door is open! How many times have I told Vera to keep the door closed to keep the coons out? Or is it her who keeps telling me? Hell if I can remember which. Okay, sit down slowly… Jesus, that hurts! … There’s the mouse going for the crackers I leave out for it.

 “Huckleberry, I’ve told you a thousand times, you shouldn’t feed the mice.”

 “I swear, Vera, you make less noise than a feather in a wind storm. After 60 years you’d think I’d hear you coming.”

 “Don’t go changing the subject on me. I’m wise to your wily ways.”

 “Ever seen one in the house? No, because they know this is where the food is. There’s a method in my madness. And for the love of Lucifer, for 60 years you’ve called me Huck. Now out of the blessed blue I’m Huckleberry?”

 “Time was you’d be tickled pink if I called you that.”

 “Well, no more. I’m Huck and leave it at that.”

 “You’ll always be Huckleberry to me.”

 “Have it your way. I’m not of a mind to argue.”

 Why her voice sounds different now, after all these years, I can’t figure out. Kind of hollow-like and faraway. Am I losing my damn hearing now? Probably. Next thing they’ll be after me to get hearing aids. No way I’m putting out good money for something like that.

 Everyone thinks I’m weird spending all my time out here – with my motors and all these stacks of newspapers. Crazy old motor man. Couple of bricks short of a load. They don’t understand that this place is my sanctuary. Here everything still makes sense. Anywhere else I feel gloomy and confused like I’ve lost something all-fired important. But I can’t remember what it is I’ve lost.

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