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Random Act of Metaphor – The 200 Million Year Wisdom of the Turtle

August 11th, 2018 by Michael Dyet


Hmmm, can we learn contentment from the aged wisdom of the turtle?

My fascination with nature tends toward winged things – birds, butterflies and dragonflies that have the gift and freedom of flight which I cannot help but admire and envy. But occasionally I expand my vision and find inspiration in other creatures.

The photo of a Painted Turtle, adorning the head of this post, was snapped earlier this summer at one of my favourite summer haunts. It looks rather prehistoric with its protective domed shell, clawed feet and piercing eyes. I should not be surprised at this appearance since turtles are one of the oldest living ancestors dating back 200 million years.

Turtles are traditionally seen as the embodiment of the notion that slow and steady wins the race. But they also remind us of the wisdom of taking life as it comes. They do not react to and resist the forces around them, but rather simply accept what is and move on with their life with fortitude and tolerance.

A Painted Turtle regarding me with is prehistoric countenance and nonjudgmental attitude – a random act of metaphor to remind me that wisdom is born of patience and that contentment comes from taking life one day at a time

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