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A Christmas Wish – Moving the World a Few Degrees Forward

December 22nd, 2018 by Michael Dyet

Merry Christmas

Hmmm, what should my one true Christmas Wish be this year?

It is three days before Christmas which compels me to ponder my Christmas Wish for the year ahead. It is not easy to narrow it down to just one. It’s not that I am a greedy person or that I have a lot of unfulfilled wishes. The difficulty is that, when I survey the news headlines, there are so many situations in the world I wish I could change.

U.S. President Donald Trump is shutting down the U.S. government until it agrees to fund his wall along the Mexican border. It is sizing up to be an epic standoff.

I wish that Trump would go ahead and build the wall – as long as he is on the other side of it when it is finished. Sarcasm aside, I wish that time would speed up so we could be rid of Trump earlier.

By the way, did you know that there is a How Long Until Trump Leaves website? I kid you not. It has a countdown clock which, as of this moment, sits at 759 days, 10 ours, 16 minutes and 9 seconds. You can also buy a “F*$# Trump” ball cap for $19.50.

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is selling his former Manchester brick mansion for $4.1 million. A lot of money to most of us, but little more than pocket change for a star athlete earning what he does.

I wish the gap between the rich and the poor was not widening with every passing day.

Russian president Vladimir Putin issued a warning this week about the rising threat of nuclear war. He blames the U.S. which he accuses of irresponsibly pulling out of arms control treaties.

I wish that political leaders of major countries would abandon the politics of rhetoric and focus on helping the forgotten and downtrodden people in their countries.

Yahoo News advises me that Prince Harry is Grump and No One Knows Why. The report includes a photo of him looking pissed off. He is wearing a poppy in the photo which suggests he has been grumpy for at least a month and a half.

I wish for a one year moratorium on any new reports on Harry and Meghan.

In all seriousness, perhaps the best Christmas Wish I could make is that we all come to realize that the crazy mixture of states of affairs in our world is akin to colours of the rainbow. We need all of them to make up the spectrum.

The moral: There will always be fools and wise men, greed and generousity, good and evil, absurd and sublime. Which of these prevail is up to each of us individually. The choices we make each day move the world a few degrees one way or the other. Over the course of a day, a month, a year, the balance will shift for the better if we stay the course.

Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year to all. The best is yet to come if we make the right choices.

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