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The Romance of Butterflies and Wildflowers: Up Close and Personal

April 18th, 2020 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, is it by choice or by chance where they play out their romance?

The third in my “Up Close and Personal” posts – taking respite in the arms of nature in the interests of prying us away from the doom and gloom newscasts as we remain in lockdown.

Butterflies and wildflowers have an ongoing romance. The winged wonders get to choose who they court. Let’s find out why they choose the lovers they do.


What can I say! You can never go wrong with sunshine yellow in a summer meadow. When in doubt, go bright!


Share the limelight? Never! When you are as stunning as I am, pale pink against a field of green is the way to go.


I’ve always had a thing for purple. Don’t ask me why. It makes me so happy I just have to hang upside down and defy gravity.


Yes, Milkweed patches are where I usually hang out. But this cluster of powder blue stars beckoned as I floated by. I swear they were calling my name!


You must understand that your options are limited when you’re an early season species like me. You take what you can get. But this yellow baby ain’t half bad!


I am not particularly colourful as butterflies go, so pale purplish-pink is a good choice for me, don’t you agree? And yes, I am watching you with my one little eye!

Beauty can be a contagion too. No social distancing here. Get up close and personal. It is allowed.

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