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Spiketails: Angel Wings of Gossamer Up Close and Personal

May 9th, 2020 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, will I be out in the fields in time to marvel at the angel wings of gossamer once more?

There is at last a glimmer of light on the horizon in this time of COVID-19 lockdown. The much anticipated flattening of the curve is finally happening. In turn, the first signs of a new version of spring is peeking its head out of the quarantine winter we have been caught in.

So it seems appropriate to focus the latest Up Close and Personal post on my favourite dragonfly species: Spiketails. They are by nature secretive and hard to find not unlike we all have been of late. There are three found in this area.


Named after the paired yellow spots on the abdomen. Hard to find, but reliably hangs out in early summer around the foot bridge at my favourite summer haunt. Exquisite translucent wings on this perfect specimen.

Angel wings of gossamer. Light passes through them as if through an invisible prism.


Named after the dramatic yellow arrow-shaped spots on the abdomen. Uncommon in these parts. In my many years of dragonfly sleuthing, I have only come across two of them. This one clings precariously on a tiny weed stem.

Angel wings of gossamer. Almost lost in the soft blur of greenery.


Named after… Well, to be honest, I don’t really understand the name. But yes, challenging to distinguish from the Twin-Spotted. Consider it the slightly smaller cousin. This one perches in picturesque fashion on the smooth bark of a tree trunk.

Angel wings of gossamer. Delicate lacework like the finest cotton.

Beauty can be a contagion too. No social distancing here. Get up close and personal. It is allowed.

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