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Autumn’s Grand Farewell: Better Days Ahead

October 24th, 2020 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, can one day of unexpected splendour renew our hope in better times ahead?

Autumn 2020 has not been particularly kind. It has turned a cold shoulder to us quite often with cool temperatures and gray skies. The sun has been missing in action for many days as if reflecting our collective mood as the second wave of COVID-19 arrived.

But Mother Nature, it seems, had a meeting with her problem child.

My child, it has been a troubling year for our two-legged friends. The pandemic has cast a long shadow over their lives and weighed them down. You seem to be out of sorts as well.

So I am reaching into my emergency reserve to equip you for a special day. Friday, October 23, one day only, the clouds will part, the breeze will tickle the tumbling leaves and the sun will burst through so the temperature climbs to a remembrance of summer.

This will be your grand farewell for 2020. Summon all you have to show the very best of yourself. Our two-legged friends will be ever so grateful.

In this grand farewell, a few winged wonders took flight in one final showcase of their summer splendour.

An Eastern Comma in its frost-edged autumn form.

A Mourning Cloak half-hidden in the leaf litter.

A Ruby Meadowhawk with mismatched eyes.

And of course, the Autumn Meadowhawk, at the top of this post, holding hands with its shadow on the boardwalk.

2020 has been a year we would rather not remember. But the grand farewell of autumn promises better days ahead with the winged wonders providing the metaphor for hope reborn.

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