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The Great Reboot

July 16th, 2022 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, can I recruit you to join The Great Reboot movement?

For some time now we have been hearing about The Great Resignation which is the term coined for the millions of people on both sides of the border who quit their jobs during the pandemic. A few months back I wrote a post suggesting that some of these people were misinterpreting a general discontent with the state of our society with dissatisfaction in their job.

It seems I may have been on the mark. A recent article reported that one in four workers who quit their job during the pandemic now regret doing so. This development has spawned the term boomerang employees as 40% of those people say they would consider returning to their previous employer if the opportunity arose.

Now the impending recession has given to The Great Apprehension – a new term developed to refer to the fact that 75% of workers are fearful that they will lose their jobs. That would be a double whammy for those workers who regret jumping ship during the last two years.

At the risk of being seen as opportunistic, I am putting forward a new concept. One that I believe is the logical result of these earlier developments and the tumultuous times we find ourselves in. I am called it The Great Reboot.

The term reboot, of course, has been commandeered by the tech profession. We are told that we need to reboot our internet modems, and sometimes our cable TV boxes, once a month to ensure our connection remains stable.

Personally speaking, this reboot requirement irritates me to no end. It pushes responsibility for managing these quirky, unreliable technologies back onto the end users. We should not be letting the techies off the hook in this manner.

But I digress. The Great Reboot I am advocating for is a step that all of us need to take in the near future if not right away. We need to take a step back and reconfigure our outlook on life – what we are willing, and not willing, to accept as the new normal.

The first step in this process is putting our foot down with those who run society and declaring that we are not willing to have our civil rights compromised any further. In effect, we need to deliver the message that we elect or appoint these privileged individuals to serve us – not to do as they see fit and herd us like mindless cattle.

The next step is opting out of the I guess that’s just the way it is now mentality. Example: Major infrastructure outages are inevitable. We just have to live with them. Instead, we should hold the big telcom companies responsible and demand that they get a handle on these runaway technology beasts they have created.

In the bigger picture, The Great Reboot means redefining what is important to us rather than allowing ourselves to be told what we should see as important. Life is too short to have our needs and desires dictated to us.

So my ask is this: Let us all adopt The Reboot Metaphor which means rebooting our mindset and taking control of our lives again. It will not be easy. But things that matter never are.

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