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Free Lottery Award: A Few Questions

June 10th, 2023 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, what should I do with this $1.5 million euro windfall?

E-mail message received June 3, 2023

Fund Payment Notification (Code HEF0031)

The Porsche Company Ltd Free Lottery Award, in collaboration with Charles III, who automatically acceded to the throne as the new King of the United Kingdom, in conjunction with HM Treasury, United Nations, World Bank, and Ecowas decided to empower some individuals as a farewell gift in honor of the Queen, with 1.5 million euro for Charity/humanitarian empowerment via an online raffle draw.

Your email happens to emerge amongst the emails that were randomly drawn online. You’re obliged to contact Ms. Rebecca L Random via her email address ( immediately for your payment, which will be affected via ATM Card for delivery to your designated address.

Ensure to forward this email to her while contacting her with your contact address and phone number; also, quote this reference, which is your payment reference code (HEF0031), to enable her to respond to you and guide you on how your payment will be dispatched to your doorstep.

Congratulations in advance.


Dr. Donald Walker
United Nations Raffle Draw Supervisor
Director of International Payments

Dear Mr. Walker:

Thank you ever so much for your e-mail. What delightful surprise! I do have a few questions before I respond with my contact details.

Do I have to bow down to King Charles to receive the award? Personally, I find the man is rather like a cartoon character. But if I have to genuflect to him to receive the money, I suppose I could bring myself to do so.

How did it come about that the United Nations and the World Bank are involved? It seems rather outside their purview. Can you clarify their role for my edification?

Do I get the full $1.5 million euros? If so, can you remit payment in Canadian dollars? I anticipate some uncomfortable questions from my bank if I request the currency conversion at my end.

Is “Random” a typical British surname? Also, I am curious as to why her e-mail address has no relation to her name. No doubt there is a simple explanation that will put my concerns to rest.

You indicate that payment will be “affected” via ATM card. I am not familiar with that type of financial transaction. Could you elaborate?

Your message also indicates that “payment will be dispatched to your doorstep”. This is very kind of you! Please ask the individual delivering the money to wear a red bowler hat so I know he or she is legitimate.

With much appreciation,

George K Haphazard

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