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Random Act of Metaphor

August 6th, 2023 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, are we making the most of the precious time we are given?

We sometimes use the expression dog years to refer to the fact that a year in a dog’s lifetime is roughly equivalent to seven years in a human lifetime.

A butterfly’s lifetime is often measured in a matter of weeks. In the case of American Lady butterflies, their lifespan in adult stage is at most three weeks. Hence, a year in their life is roughly equivalent to 700 years in a human lifetime. Truly a sobering thought.

Aging is an accelerated process for the winged wonders of summer. It takes a toll on them quickly as demonstrated by the worn-at-the-edges American Lady at the head of this post. Its colours are faded and its wing edges ragged indicating it is near the end of its allotted time.

Despite the fact that is quite old in butterfly terms, this Lady was still fluttering around in the meadow feeding and enjoying life. I had to chase it for a couple of minutes to capture this photograph.

A worn-at-the-edges American Lady – a random act of metaphor to remind us that time is relative and that we must make the most of the precious time we are given.

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