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aka Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

is the blog of award winning novelist Michael Robert Dyet

of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Author of Hunting Muskie: A Short Story Collection

October 2017, Blue Denim Press.

I am The Metaphor Guy. Award winning novelist, closet philosopher, chronicler of life’s mysteries – all through the lens of metaphor. Double winner in the Reader Views Literary Awards.


Michael Robert Dyet


In this blog I look at life’s complexities and puzzles through the lens of metaphor to decipher and make sense of them.  These observations and the thought threads that arise from them are my way of stepping back from the limited perspective of the moment and reconstructing the experience in a way that cracks open its deeper meaning.  I call it “going deeper” – the essential tool of the trade of writers.


The postings on this blog are divided into four categories as identified below. The postings in these categories can be accessed through the Thematic Post Categories menu at the bottom of the right sidebar.


DEEP DIVE: Philosophical Mediations – Meditations on those mysteries of life that have to be cracked open and examined to be understood.


Start with the “Intro to DEEP DIVE: Metaphors of the Deep” page which sets the stage for the postings in this section.


SHIFTING WINDS: Reflections on Life in the 21st Century – Exploring those often subtle but far-reaching transformations in our world that represent a quantum shift in our thinking, our beliefs or our values.


Start with the “Intro to SHIFTING WINDS: Metaphors of Change” page which sets the stage for the postings in this section.


SONGS OF NATURE: Finding Solace in Nature – Celebrating the spiritual connection between the world of nature and our understanding of who we are.


Start with the “Intro to SONGS OF NATURE: Metaphors of the Wild” page which sets the stage for the postings in this section.


SUDDEN LIGHT: Moments of Realization & Inspiration – Those “aha” moments which open our eyes to a new way or level of understanding.


Start with the “Intro to SUDDEN LIGHT: Metaphors of Light” page which sets the stage for the postings in this section.


RANDOM ACTS OF METAPHOR: Brief forays into a pensive state of mind when the demands of the day do not permit prolonged meditation.


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