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Michael’s Award Winning Novel

Double Winner: Reader Views Literary Awards
Double Winner: Reader Views Literary Awards

Until the Deep Water Stills: An Internet-enhanced Novel is a double award winner in the Reader Views Literary Awards 2009:

1. Canada East Region Winner  2. Writers in the Sky Award for Best Creative Writing of the Year.



UNTIL THE DEEP WATER STILLS is an innovative fusion of a traditional print novel and an online companion featuring text, photography and professional quality audio recordings.

The optional companion web site adds another dimension to the novel permitting the four main characters to speak directly to you. You’ll find secondary plot lines here that do not exist in the printed novel as you go deep inside the mind of the characters and learn what makes them tick. Each chapter in the printed novel has a corresponding online component.

Visit for biographical information on the author and information on how to order the novel. The online component of the novel is located at

The print version of Until the Deep Water Stills is available from Canada Books Online .

The e-book version of Until the Deep Water Stills – including a FREE PREVIEW – is available from Smashwords .

A quick glimpse of what readers and reviewers are saying:

The most engaging thing about this book is how real it seems…”

“This is a great book! Michael is an amazingly sensitive and intuitive writer…”

“This book is fantastic…

“Michael Dyet offers a glimpse into the evolution of the novel…”

“The writing is excellent…”

“Mr. Dyet’s writing style is compelling – very eloquent use of language…”

“I think Dyet has hit on the future of the book…”