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Novelist, closet philosopher and seeker of the sudden light all through the lens of metaphor. 

HUNTING MUSKIE: Rites of Passage

A Short Story Collection

Blue Denim Press, 2017

This collection of 16 stories reflects that deep urge to return to where we feel at peace. The title story, Hunting Muskie, sets the tone – the hunt to find, and subdue, an unseen foe.

 The collection opens with a longer piece, Slipstream, which ties together the connecting threads – the powerful forces that derail us, how we are driven to search for answers and the harsh truth that redemption often comes at a price. The stories that follow elaborate on the theme.

Available from Amazon and Chapters Indigoo.

BLOG: Metaphors of Life Journal aka Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

In this blog I look at life’s mysteries through the lens of metaphor to decipher them and break through to that sudden light of understanding.

Metaphors of Life Journal categories:

Shifting Winds: Metaphors of Change

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Deep Dive: Metaphors of the Deep

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Random Acts of Metaphor

Other Publishing Credits

Until the Deep Water Stills: An Internet-Enhanced NoveSelf-published: 2009 (Out of print)

 Traditional print novel with unique, ground-breaking online companion.

Incorrigible: A Short Story

Appeared in Canadian Voices, Volume 2, An Anthology of Prose and Poetry by Emerging Canadian Writers, Bookland Press 2010.

Dancing with Ghosts: A Short Story

Appeared in Canadian Imprints: An Anthology of Prose and Poems by Members of Writers and Editors Network, 2011

Ransom Heart: A Short Story

Appeared  in Firefall: Canada’s Magazine of Exquisite Writing, Spring 2012

About Michael

It has always been my desire to make sense of life through the creative exploration of language and story-telling. From an early age, words began to spin in my mind in that search for sudden light of understanding. Writing is encoded into the spiral helix of my DNA.

 I write literary fiction because it is in that genre that I find the marriage of story-telling and the creative exploration of language that I crave.

 Metaphors figure prominently in my writing. Imagine that you are stepping inside a metaphor as you explore this site.

I am a member of the Canadian Authors Association, the Writers Union of Canada and the Hamilton Arts Council.

Hunting Muskie: Rites of Passage

Excerpts from Michael's Short Story Collection

Hunting Muskie (the title story) 

Excerpt from the title story "Hunting Muskie"

"Kidney cancer. Renal Cell Carcinoma, if you want to know the official name for it."

 "My God, Dad. " Tom let his line go limp in the water. "When did you find out?..."

Hurricane Ike

Excerpt from the story "Hurricane Ike"

“Gibra! Gibra!” Gibra awoke to Ike’s urgent voice amidst the roar of wind and rain. “She’s coming and she’s a bitch. We’ve got to get onto the roof.”

She heard a high pitched whine in tune with the wind...

Metaphors of Life Journal

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