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My Political Anti-Manifesto as the Next Election Campaign Unfolds

May 4th, 2019 by Michael Dyet

Hmmm, how low will our political leaders stoop in the next six months?

The next Canadian federal election is scheduled to occur on October 21st or earlier. So brace yourself for six months of mudslinging, trash talking and in the trenches, no holds barred warfare. We will face a barrage of negativity and enmity.

The Conservatives are first out of the gate with a television attack ad. Have you seen it? It starts with a photo of Donald Trump with a voiceover narrator bemoaning scandalous behaviour. Slowly the camera pans left (symbolism all too obvious) to show Justin Trudeau. The punchline: Justin Trudeau – Not As Advertised.

The unspoken but obvious implication: Justin Trudeau is the Canadian Donald Trump.

The tone has been set for the campaign: no holds barred, down and dirty and below the belt like never before. Personally, I find these tactics disgraceful and reprehensible.

But for the next six months, the political gutter rats hold the cards. Why? Because politics in this day and age is all about raw, knife-edged power – gaining it by any means necessary and holding onto it like grim death. We the electorate have to choose the candidate or party we find to be the least objectionable.

I believe that Canada – as a country, a people and a culture – is better than this. We are a proud nation that values democracy, equality and humility. We carry our heads high but not so high that we feel superior.

We are not perfect and make no claim to be so. But the majority of Canadians would not live anywhere else given the choice. Canada, the second largest country in the world with a landmass of almost 10 million KM2, is our home and where all are hearts reside.

Sad to say, our politicians – not all of them, but certainly the ones who wield the power – have lost touch with the country they claim to represent. They do not reflect our values or our beliefs. They are adrift in their own relentless quest for power.

The next six months will be difficult for us as we sadly shake our heads over the state of affairs in the realm of politics. On Election Day, some will not vote in silent protest. The majority of us will mark our X on the ballot – hoping for better days ahead, but mostly just glad that the nasty and knife-fight campaign is over.

Elections used to be known as a horserace with frontrunners, dark horses and sometimes a neck and neck finish. We glue ourselves to our TVs on election night to watch the results roll in. But now, sadly, the metaphor that best applies is a cockfight.

We are Canadians. We are better than this.

By all means, do cast your vote on Election Day. But if a candidate comes to your door during the campaign, let them know what you really think about the behaviour of our political leaders. That act is perhaps the most important way of exercising our political freedom.

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